The Future of Secure Messaging
SWISS TLC is implementing wholesale SMS A2P services with the aim of providing messaging solutions to businesses worldwide.

A2P SMS will provide access to global networks with high-quality delivery and flexible pricing to meet customer needs. A dedicated support team will work together to ensure high SMS throughput and instant delivery, along with real-time reporting.

A2P messaging is overseen by an anti-fraud protection solution that continually monitors, learns, and understands typical network behaviors to mitigate an ever-evolving threat.
A2P messaging, or Application-to-Person, refers to any type of automated text messaging traffic in which a person receives messages from an application.

A2P messaging enables the sending of a wide range of messages: marketing, chatbots, reminders, online purchase confirmations, delivery notifications, mass surveys, PIN codes, or one-time passwords (OTPs). The use of automated messages is increasing due to the rising level of security required.
Our App-to-person service provides our clients with the technology to connect more effectively and directly with their customers worldwide. We offer real-time connectivity and systems for sending transactional messages, promotional campaigns, and two-way messaging, all through SMS.

We offer customized plans that meet the requirements of any industry with flexible solutions that can be seamlessly delivered within a matter of days.

Market and Business Opportunity

The SMS A2P market has seen significant growth in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue in 2023. One major driver of growth in the A2P SMS market is the increasing reliance on mobile devices for communication and the convenience of SMS for reaching customers. According to a report by the GSM Association, SMS continues to be the most widely used data application, with over 4.5 billion users worldwide.
Another factor contributing to the growth of the A2P SMS market is the use of SMS for marketing and customer engagement. Businesses increasingly use SMS campaigns to reach their target audiences and improve customer experience. SMS is an effective and efficient way to deliver time-sensitive information, such as appointment reminders and promotional offers.
The use of SMS for customer service is also on the rise. Many businesses are using SMS as a channel for customer support, allowing customers to reach out for assistance and receive quick responses easily.

In addition to these factors, the increasing adoption of 5G technology is expected to drive further growth in the A2P SMS market. With faster and more reliable data speeds, businesses can send and receive SMS messages more efficiently, further improving the customer experience.

Overall, the SMS A2P market is expected to continue its strong growth in 2023, with businesses and organizations leveraging the power of SMS to communicate with customers and improve their experience.

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The platform used by Swiss TLC is an automated platform for wholesale voice operators providing a secure session border controller and industry-leading routing and billing management.

Integrated real-time service control supports the centralised routing, rating, billing, and business intelligence functions required to support a growing wholesale voice business.


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